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2017 Atlantic Classic Yearling Sale
2 pm - Friday, October 6, 2017
Crapaud Agri-Plex
20569 Trans Canada Highway
Crapaud, PEI

2017 Atlantic Classic Sale Results

2017 Atlantic Classic Entries

*Click on the yearling's name to view the pedigree*
Hip#  Name Sex  Sire Dam Consignor
1 MAMADONTDANCE F Westwardho Hanover Pictonian Amanda Bill Bell
2 MOMS FILLY F Western Paradise P L Betterway Jonah Moase
3 THE WESTSIDEGIGOLO G Ameripan Gigolo West Wishes Jamie Whalen
4 PARADE DAY F Camystic Promise Me Hanover Meridian
5 PUTNAMS SNOWSTORM F Force Of Life Reading Terminal Shawn Putnam
6 R ES PEYTON F Ameripan Gigolo R Es Miss Jen Bob Connelly
7 WINDEMEREBRIANSGAL F Carnivore Rhondas Belle Windemere
8 SKYCREW F Ameripan Gigolo Allamerican Shaina Jamie Whalen
9 KNOCKOUT PUNCH C Westwardho Hanover Allamerican Kelli Meridian
10 J J KNIGHTS IMAGE C Image Of Dawn Romantic Terror Jamie MacKinley
11 BELLA THE BALL F Ameripan Gigolo Shesaroyalbella Lowell Balderston
12 ROCKUS OCCASION F Westwardho Hanover Rocks R Us Jeff Hennigar
13 WOODMERE BLUETISTA G Western Paradise Blue Violet Woodmere
14 SMASH DANCE C Tad The Stud Sanna Hanover Meridian
15 J J ELLA F Image Of Dawn Rock Solid Virtue Jamie MacKinley
16 OUT        
17 OCEANVIEW SPITFIRE G Westwardho Hanover Southview Sally Bill Roloson
18 WOODMERE BRACKLEY F Sunshine Beach Skylark Hanover Woodmere
19 SHADOW TRAINER F Armbro Barrister Dusty Lane Shelby Dave Tierney
20 WHIPPLE EFFECT G Ameripan Gigolo Spunky Gal Gary McGuigan
21 OUT        
22 SHINING HOUR C Camystic Sunset City Meridian
23 WOODMERE NORA F Bettors Delight Wild Ride Hanover Woodmere
24 OCEANVIEW HAL G Armbro Barrister Summerhill Hallie Bill Roloson
25 FERN HILL DRIVE C Articulator Talbot Victoria Brian MacLeod
26 WINDEMEREBARRISTER F Armbro Barrister Talk About Dreams Windemere
27 DUSTY LANE CORTEZ C Westwardho Hanover Tara Artiste Ronnie Gass
28 HOWMAC MARGARITA F Articulator Thebeastfromtheeast Howmac
29 OUT        
30 OUT        
31 A GRAND TERROR C Camystic Toxic Terror Paul Conway
32 DONT LOOK UP F Articulator Troxel Hanover Windemere
33 SHADOWNTHETWILIGHT F Shadow Play Twilight Lady Owen MacLean
34 MARITIME STAR C Armbro Barrister Tymal Maroma Meridian
35 TOBINS HOPE F Varadero Hanover Ultimate Hope Wendell Williams
36 WOODMERE BOLT G Malicious For All We Know Woodmere
37 PRINCE ADAIR G So Surreal Princess Samisen Jamie Whalen
38 JOANS CRUISER F Westwardho Hanover Winning Clues Marc Gallant
39 J J SUPERMAN C Image Of Dawn Canaco Quickset Jamie MacKinley
40 ARC LIGHT F Camystic Red Star Ashlee Meridian
41 WOODMERE OLEKSIAK F Articulator Oh Pretty Leigh Woodmere
42 SPEED STRIKER C Ameripan Gigolo Allamerican Napa Wilf Poulton
43 PRINCE GALAXY G Real Desire Princess Starlight Jamie Whalen
44 CAMCO LOVER BOY C Proven Lover Armbro Dandelion Blair Campbell
45 MALL PEEN HAMMER C Ameripan Gigolo Mall Shook Up Meridian
46 WHIM ROAD WANDER C Tad The Stud Baskin Wonder Mike Clarey
47 EMILYS ANGEL F Varadero Hanover Beckys Filly Kyle Gardiner
48 WOODMERE RIO F Malicious Very Ideal Hanover Woodmere
49 OUT        
50 GLENVIEW QUINTANNA F Immachulate Bring It On Home Adam Johnson
51 J J EMPEROR C Image Of Dawn Fritzel Hanover Jamie MacKinley
52 FERN HILL DANDY C Malicious Caru Hanover Brian MacLeod
53 I M INCREDIBLE F Up The Credit Casimir Nighthawke Jamie Whalen
54 JENN JONES F Articulator Celebrant Hanover Eldred Nicholson
55 SAULSBROOK JIM JAM C Big Jim Charter Flight Saulsbrook
56 DEAR YOU F Ameripan Gigolo Cheyenne Sabrina Gary McGuigan
57 LAUNCH PAD C Tad The Stud Lyrical Lindy Meridian
58 COOL APPEARANCE F Articulator Cool Jolt Hanover Elmer Folland
59 MS WICKENHEISER F Vintage Master Chocolate Art Eldred Nicholson
60 CAMCO BAILEY C Northern Bailey Chuckys Princess Blair Campbell
61 WINDEMERE HOTSHOT F Articulator Darling Jane Windemere
62 DARING MOVE C Westwardho Hanover Darla Hanover Meridian
63 THEREALDEAL F Westwardho Hanover Deviliciously Good Blaine Thibeau
64 LIBERTYS DREAM G Malicious Dream Of Liberty Elmer Folland
65 CAMCO XAVIER C Western Paradise Majortempertantrum Blair Campbell
66 OUT        
67 DYNAMO WIND C Ameripan Gigolo Divine Justice Meridian
68 HOWMAC MAGIC C Articulator Early Paroll Howmac
69 GLENVIEW QUINN C Immachulate Enduring Courage Adam Johnson
70 J J BREANNE F Image Of Dawn Acton Normal Jamie MacKinley
71 WOODMERE TANGO F Articulator Shadow Dancer Woodmere
72 THISISHOWWEDOIT C Shadow Play Giannas Ideal Blaine Thibeau
73 CAMCO DREAM ON F Stonebridge Terror Dreaming Blair Campbell
74 FERN HILL DYNAMIC C Western Paradise Helen O Grace Brian MacLeod
75 FREEDOM GIRL F Image Of Dawn J J Mistress Jamie MacKinley
76 HARD CASE C Armbro Barrister Here To Win Meridian
77 HOWMAC SABRINA F Malicious Howmacs Princess Howmac
78 MILLPOND ABLE C Immachulate Id Rather Be Lucky Adam Johnson
79 RED DIRT BOOMER G Malicious Independent Gal Lowell Balderston
80 FEELIN HAGGARD C Stonebridge Terror Jackie Hanover Brendan Curran
81 BOOM BOOM GIGOLO G Ameripan Gigolo J J Maywest Raymond Prmeau
82 J J ALEXA F Image Of Dawn Farline Hanover Jamie MacKinley
83 R ES DAZ G Malicious Jojoes Shabla Bob Connelly
84 WHIMS BLACKJACK C Articulator Just A Minnie Brooke Clarey
85 DUSTY LANE DAYTONA C Westwardho Hanover Mission Beach Ronnie Gass
86 WINDEMERE JORDYN F Carnivore Kiki Hoe Windemere
87 SO MUCH MORE F Big Jim Ladysai Doug MacPhee
88 SAULSBROOK LASSIE C Westwardho Hanover Lasting Light Saulsbrook
89 CHEEKY CHERRY F Westwardho Hanover Chiavanaska Meridian
90 DUSTY LANE MAVIS F Armbro Barrister Muscle Mannequin Ronnie Gass
91 LUCK AT THE WHIM F Ameripan Gigolo Luck At The Villa Mike Clarey
92 CAMCO IN A HURRY F Ameripan Gigolo Girl In A Hurry Blair Campbell
93 FERN HILL DELIGHT F Westwardho Hanover Noble Ellen Brian MacLeod
94 ABLEWAY C Armbro Barrister Apeachtoremember Meridian
95 OUT        
96 OUT        
97 RED DIRT ROCKNROLL G Articulator Oduya Lowell Balderston
98 WOODMERE DE GRASSE G Western Paradise Sanfrangelica Woodmere
99 WINDEMERE PAY DAY F Articulator Over Shadow Windemere
100 DUSTY LANE WARRIER C Westwardho Hanover Olivia Hall Ronnie Gass
101 MISS PLAY F Shadow Play Rocker Mom Andre Moeller
102 KATES ROSE BUD F Westwardho Hanover Woodmere Blackrose Danny Campbell
103 CARLISIMO C Shadow Play Putnam MacKenzie K & D Livingston
104 DONTTELLTHAWIFE C Malicious Undine Hanover Robin Burke

For information contact Wayne Pike PEIHRIA office at 902-569-1682