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2016 Atlantic Classic Yearling Sale
2 pm - Friday, October 7, 2016
Crapaud Agri-Plex
20569 Trans Canada Highway
Crapaud, PEI

2016 Atlantic Classic Sale Results

To download all 2016 Pedigrees click on the "Zip" file links below :
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2016, 1-50
2016, 51-104

2016 Atlantic Classic Entries

*Click on the yearling's name to view the pedigree*
Hip#  Name Sex  Sire Dam Consignor
1 Dear Boys Girl F Armbro Barrister Malahide Michael Clarey
2 Sunrise Trail F Westwardho Hanover Sunset City MeridianVideo
3 Dusty Lane Beach C Westwardho Hanover Mission Beach Ronnie Gass
4 Melray Moe C Westwardho Hanover Miss Mega Moe Jamie Pound
5 J J Hanna Dawn F Image Of Dawn Farline Hanover Jamie MacKinley
6 Woodmere Rosie F Western Paradise Woodmere Teardrop Woodmere
7 Never Fear C Neal Napanee Seelster MeridianVideo
8 Dusty Lane Ambyr F Armbro Barrister Muscle Mannequin Ronnie Gass
9 Westwardho Prince C Westwardho Hanover Pretty In Boots Winburn Harris
10 J J Roman Image C Image Of Dawn Romantic Terror Jamie MacKinley
11 State Of Play C Shadow Play Rocker Mom Andre Moeller
12 Parkdale C Armbro Barrister Paging Willy MeridianVideo
13 Dusty Lane Zeke C Westwardho Hanover Olivia Hall Ronnie Gass
14 Oceanview Tadpole G Tad The Stud Rose Run Francis Bill Roloson
15 J J Lachance C Image Of Dawn Hurricane Heide Jamie MacKinley
16 Windemere Ryder C Image Of Dawn Rhondas Belle Windemere
17 Prom King C Ameripan Gigolo Promise Me Hanover MeridianVideo
18 Woodmere Ideal Art G Articulator Very Ideal Hanover Woodmere
19 Smart N Sassy F Articulator Sassy Little Shark Shirley Wallace
20 Hopingforapayday G Image Of Dawn Shesaroyalbella Lowell Balderston
21 Elm Grove Mavis F Stonebridge Terror Largomotion Robert Gordon
22 Chocolate Dip F Westwardho Hanover Chiavanasca MeridianVideo
23 Woodmere Saphire F Articulator Skylark Hanover Woodmere
24 D C C Westwardho Hanover Someshoresomewhere Marc Gallant
25 Tobins Lightning CStonebridge Terror Southern Blue Wendell Williams
26 Pictonian Othello C Electric Stena Southview Sabrina Tony Zuethoff
27 Sock It Away C Pang Shui Someone Like You MeridianVideo
28 Oceanview Magnum G Western Paradise Southview Sally Bill Roloson
29 Madison Jesster F Westwardho Hanover Spunky Gal Gary McGuigan
30 Fiftyshadesofgraci F Ameripan Gigolo St Lads Gracie Jamie Pound
31 Howmac Impeccable F Articulator Stonebridge Capri Howmac
32 New Paradise G Western Paradise Stonebridge Madona Raymond Primeau
33 Oceanview Swipper F Tad The Stud Summerhill Hallie Bill Roloson
34 Shaker Maker C Ameripan Gigolo Mall Shook Up MeridianVideo
35 Fern Hill Cash F Articulator Talbot Victoria Brian MacLeod
36 Windemereiknow C Nureyev Talk About Dreams Windemere
37 Terra Cotta Queen F Westwardho Hanover Terra Cotta Lady Winburn Harris
38 Westview Samantha F Westwardho Hanover Theresa Hall Eldred Nicholson
39 Buckaroo C Tad The Stud Buckling Banbury MeridianVideo
40 Woodmere Chella F Articulator Oh Pretty Leigh Woodmere
41 Pictonian Smokey F Western Paradise Up Front Fire Tony Zuethoff
42 Im Cute And Cool F Articulator Western Queen Todd Hardy
43 Westwardhos Wish F Westwardho Hanover West Wishes Jamie Whalen
44 Mister Dulce G Driven To Win Casa Dulce Ernest Smith
45 Woodmere Geno G Articulator For All We Know Woodmere
46 Windemerenevermind C Western Paradise Windemere Nancy Windemere
47 Mr Sawchuk C Westwardho Hanover Yankee Checkers Eldred Nicholson
48 Camco Willow F Westwardho Hanover Armbro Dandelion Blair Campbell
49 I Love Roses F Westwardho Hanover Another Rose Heather Gamester
50 Woodmere Ceilidh F Articulator Highland Dancer Woodmere
51 A Pure Heart C Armbro Barrister Apeachtoremember MeridianVideo
52 J J Castaway C Image Of Dawn Feel At Home Jamie MacKinley
53 Sea Shocker C Westwardho Hanover Allamerican Napa Wilfred Poulton
54 Avondale Shui F Pang Shui Allamericanshaina Jamie Whalen
55 Elm Grove Mistress F Articulator Aquatic Lightning Robert Gordon
56 Away West F Westwardho Hanover Artistic Gal MeridianVideo
57 Windemereimalright C Western Paradise Art Blanche Windemere
58 R Es Philly F Western Paradise Best Of Philly Robert Connelly
59 Dusty Lane Westy C Westwardho Hanover Briannas Attitude Dianne Gass
60 Howmac Blaze F Articulator Bradelle Howmac
61 Kahlua Morning F Westwardho Hanover Allamerican Kelli MeridianVideo
62 Fern Hill Cruz C Westwardho Hanover Caru Hanover Brian MacLeod
63 L Weather B G Westwardho Hanover Cheyenne Sabrina Gary McGuigan
64 Bayfield Legacy C Westwardho Hanover C Ls Gracious Lady Paul Murphy
65 Chocolate Terror F Stonebridge Terror Chocolate Art Eldred Nicholson
66 Sailor Blue F Armbro Barrister Sanna Hanover MeridianVideo
67 Inspector Murdoch G Pang Shui Where Could I Go Ernest Smith
68 Tobins Shadow C Stonebridge Terror Country Look Wendell Williams
69 Windmeredontmatter C Articulator Cool Jolt Hanover Windemere
70 Dora F Tad The Stud Dusty Lane Shelby David Tierney
71 Ticked C Armbro Barrister Tymal Maroma MeridianVideo
72 Elm Grove Matthews C Stonebridge Terror Elm Grove Camlady Robert Gordon
73 Howmac Diamond C Carnivore Early Paroll Howmac
74 Tobins Optimism C Driven To Win Eternal Optimism Wendell Williams
75 Angelintheclouds F Big Jim First Lady Of Art Kent Duggan
76 J J Power Ball C Image Of Dawn Ny Lotto Jamie Mackinley
77 Elm Grove Mandy F Stonebridge Terror Elm Grove Dallas Robert Gordon
78 Somedaysrdiamonds F Westwardho Hanover Flower Art Dawne Scantlebury
79 Which Shui Is Home F Pang Shui Fox Valley Peepshow Jamie Whalen
80 Woodmere Wyldside F Articulator Wild Ride Hanover Woodmere
81 Doublejacksandaces C Shadow Play Queens Or Better Jamie MacKinley
82 Elm Grove Misty F Stonebridge Terror Elm Grove Starlite Robert Gordon
83 Camco Wagner C Proven Lover Lisbonne Blair Campbell
84 Jackie And Doreen F Mach Three Grace And Harv Howmac
85 Windmeredontuworry C Armbro Barrister Ginternal Revenue Windemere
86 Red Dirt Rebel G Camshaft Hanover Hare Trap Lowell Balderston
87 J J Frankie Lynn F Image Of Dawn Acton Normal Jamie MacKinley
88 Here Forever F Armbro Barrister Here To Win MeridianVideo
89 Howmac Ivory F Westwardho Hanover Howmac Princess Howmac
90 Olivias Dream F Westwardho Hanover Hannas Place Robert Williams
91 Tobins Terror F Stonebridge Terror Hot Fusion Wendell Williams
92 Woodmere Angela F Western Paradise Sanfrangelica Woodmere
93 Pure Friendship G Andreoli Hanover Im A Force Heather Gamester
94 Howmac Dancer C Shadow Play Howmacs Dragon Howmac
95 R Es Shabla F Pang Shui Jojoes Shabla Robert Connelly
96 Handsome Frank C Western Paradise Jo Anne Jet MacKenzie MacInnis
97 Windmerenoharmdone F Articulator Kiki Hoe Windemere
98 Dark Shadow C Shadow Play Loving Place Dan Belliveau
99 Elm Grove MacGyver C Westwardho Hanover Lous Light Robert Gordon
100 Camco Wily C Image Of Dawn Girl In A Hurry Blair Campbell
101 Big Talking Man C Big Jim Ladysai Doug MacPhee
102 Royaltywestho F Westwardho Hanover Lady Kelleigh Anne Gary MacPherson
103 Sunny Ways F Articulator Laurens Delight Philip Valley
104 Elm Grove Magic C Proven Lover Sister Sarah Brown Robert Gordon

For information contact Wayne Pike PEIHRIA office at 902-569-1682